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Spa treatment in Karlovy Vary

The basis of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary is the drinking treatment that has been prescribed for several centuries. Local thermal mineral springs with its unique composition positively affect digestive system, specifically mucuos membrane of stomach and intestints, liver and pancreas. During the check-in examination spa doctor prescribes the drinking treatment along with treatment procedures (hydrotherapy, massages and other treatment therapies).

Treatment in LD PRAGA

  • Check – in examination

  • Follow – up examination

  • Prescription of the medicine

  • Drinking treatment (recommended by doctor)

  • Blood pressure, blood pulse, temperature controls

  • Electrocardiogram (if doctor recommends it)

  • Examination of glycemy from the blood (if doctor recommends it)

  • Examination of urine (if doctor recommends it)

Water procedures in thermal water

  • Underwatermassage

  • Pearlbath

  • Whirlpool

  • Carbon-dioxide bath


  • Classical massage – partial (back and neck)

  • Classical massage – partial (legs)

Spa procedures

  • Pneumoacupuncture(Gas injections)

  • Thermotherapy

  • Inhalation

  • Magnetotherapy

  • Lymphdrainage

  • Paraffine

  • Dry carbonated bath

  • Oxygenotherapy

  • Peat pack


  • Sauna

List of indications and contraindications of spa treatments


Disorders of the digestive tract

Disorders of metabolic disorders, diabetes

Musculoskeletal disorders

Convalescence after cancer treatment (oncological diseases)

General contraindication:

Infectious diseases

Diseases in the acute stage

Circulatory failure (malignant arrhythmias, instable hypertension)

Conditions after thrombosis (thrombophlebitis) within three months

Bleeding disorders


Malignant tumors in the active phase of the disease (during treatment)

Compensated epilepsy

Psychosis and mental disorders

Alcohol and drug abuse

Urinary and fecal incontinence


We recommend consulting with your doctor if the treatment is suitable for you

(Or contact us with information about your diagnosis)

Other procedures in LD MORAVA These procedures are free once in your treatment

  • Salt cave

Swimming pool with Steam bath

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